Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the main income stream in our business.

Over the years, we've added in more and more affiliate revenue streams to our business that we were eventually able to cut out a lot of the other more time consuming businesses.

We created this page because so many people ask us about affiliate marketing. We wanted to have a resource to point people to in order to find the podcast episodes about affiliate marketing.

We highly recommend listening to each of these episodes but, if you don't have time, we've shared our biggest takeaways and "aha moments" from each of the episodes.

Enjoy and dive in!

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James Schramko & Stephen Esketzis

Affiliate Marketing Double Header 

Featuring: James Schramko & Stephen Esketzis

Our Big Takeaways From James:

  • Focus on promoting products that you‘ve used yourself. Don’t push launches just to get on a leaderboard. Focus on your community and what’s going to be best for them.
  • Figure out what to promote by looking at your own bank statements to see what you've recently purchased and by surveying your existing audience to learn what they need help with.
  • The best way to differentiate yourself from other affiliates is by offering bonuses. James' best bonuses have been cheat sheets to compliment the offer or giving access to his paid membership.
  • BIG AHA: Develop your affiliate relationships into rev. share partnerships. If you are good at promoting, you can offer a lot to a founder who wants to focus their time on making a good product. This unlocks you from competing with the other affiliates. You can focus on growth and take a cut from the whole business as opposed to just sales you make.

Our Big Takeaways From Stephen:

  • BIG AHA: Stephen created a quiz to promote Clickfunnels. He asked questions about the person's business and the quiz recommended the best Clickfunnels template for their business model. If someone purchased Clickfunnels to access the template, Stephen got the commissions. He was Clickfunnels #1 affiliate for a long time.
  • You need to improve your content game if you want to become a better affiliate. Most affiliates put out quick content to try to make affiliate sales but the real successful affiliates are spending the time to create really in-depth and detailed content.
  • Stephen built a giant list of marketing tools with pretty much every tool you can think of in the marketing world. He puts a mark next to the tools that he most recommends and those get the best clicks. Curating this tool list has led to Stephen getting free access to all sorts of software in exchange for adding it to the list.
  • Stephen recommends that writing product reviews on your blog or creating review videos on YouTube is probably the easiest way to get into affiliate marketing. Once one of your promotions starts working, you can go even deeper with it and create more content around the product.

John Crestani

6-Figure Per Month Affiliate Marketing 

Featuring: John Crestani

Our Big Takeaways From This Episode:

  • When you promote an affiliate product and people buy it, you should be thinking of other affiliate products that the same buyer would likely be interested in. When someone's trying to lose weight, they don't stop at just one pill or one book. Think of that affiliate sale as the first product in a series of complimentary products.
  • A lot of people discount affiliate marketing as a business model. But being an affiliate who can curate the best solutions for an audience is an extremely valuable skill that people need and appreciate. So ignore anyone who talks negatively about the affiliate marketing industry.
  • John has a course around affiliate marketing with over 1,500 affiliates. He uses his YouTube channel to train these affiliates to be even better affiliates, further perpetuating sales on his own programs.
  • BIG AHA: John actually created an informercial that runs on TV that promotes one of his books. This grows his list like crazy, which he can then promote affiliate offers and his courses to. John says that TV is so untapped by most digital marketers but is actually way easier than most people think. This strategy alone is worth listening to the episode to get all the details.

Roland Frasier & Oliver Schmalholz

Creating Long-Term Wins As An Affiliate

Featuring: Roland Frasier & Oliver Schmalholz

Our Big Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Roland did a lot of affiliate marketing, landing him at the top of leaderboards and earning millions from affiliate commissions. But he didn't like that he was building other businesses but not creating more long-term wealth for himself. 
  • Most people see affiliate marketing as a short-term strategy and investing in companies as a long-term strategy. Roland and Oliver came up with a way to make both short-term income and long-term wealth through affiliate marketing.
  • Unicorn Equity is a platform that allows people to promote products as an affiliate and earn equity in the companies that they're promoting at the same time. You gain affiliate income in the short-term and potential huge paydays when the company exits.
  • Many people don't see affiliate marketing as a legitimate industry. However, this Unicorn platform allows affiliates to become investors in companies and build a portfolio of software companies that can create real wealth.

Pat Flynn

Affiliate Marketing Through Insane Value

Featuring: Pat Flynn

Our Big Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Our takeaways are coming soon!

Larry Ludwig

Selling an Affiliate Site For $6 Million

Featuring: Larry Ludwig

Our Big Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Our takeaways are coming soon!

Stephen Esketzis

Affiliate Marketing Using Epic Content

Featuring: Stephen Esketzis

Our Big Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Our takeaways are coming soon!

Affiliate Commissions & KSTs (Key Step Tutorial)

Affiliate Commissions & KSTs

Featuring: Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

Our Big Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Our takeaways are coming soon!