Therapy Session – Unapologetic Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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We are back today with another awesome Therapy Session which we recorded right after we finished creating a training course over at WealthFit. Their process for creating courses is amazing, and one of these days we’ll make a behind the scenes video for you. This segways into our focus of creating more content for other platforms, such as courses.

Also on today’s show, we discuss some things that have changed since our last therapy session episode, some areas in our business that will be given less focus and where we are headed going forward. We also have had some a-ha moments lately, which has helped to really zone in on our future business plans and helped our creativity to really take off.

We talk about our affiliate marketing strategies, what most affiliate marketers are doing wrong, and how to set yourself apart from the rest.  We also discuss why these strategies help to build the most supportive and tuned-in audience. After you’ve soaked all this in, be sure to check out our shows with Dustin Mathews and Robert Farrington for even more insight on how to scale your business and capture an audience that loves your content.

We masterminded a few days ago about how can we make this podcast even better, how can we make it more valuable to the listener, how can we provide even more freely and make it so people listening would go ‘Damn, I would have paid for this information’. That’s really our goal with this show.” – Matt Wolfe

We love to experiment and tinker and go down business models, of course, but we also love to share what we are doing and actually see results from other people.“ – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • An update to our latest update and what we are really focused on now
  • All the cool events we will be attending and speaking at in the next few months and how you can meet up with us
  • How we realized where we should put our attention (and tips on how you can make the most out of your business intentions as well)
  • One key thing we are doing with our affiliate traffic that almost no one else is doing, but is a huge asset to our business
  • One of our latest “a-ha” moments, which seems so simple, but was a real eye-opener and led to a huge burst of inspiration for new ideas
  • What most affiliate marketers are doing wrong and how to market products the right way so the big ad networks will love you
  • What people really want when looking at products and how to convert search traffic into buyers
  • Soooo many shout-outs in this episode, too many to list. Are you one of them?
  • Affiliates 4 Lyfe, yup that’s us – search it now!
  • And much, much more!

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