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The Connector

Joe Fier

Joe Fier is a successful content marketer and podcast host who provides advice to entrepreneurs on how to work smarter and live better. He has hosted over 500 podcast episodes, where he interviewed top experts and authors in various fields, such as business and personal development. He is also skilled in media creation, digital marketing, investing, public speaking, and writing. He has experience working with clients from different industries such as AI, SaaS, gaming, public health, and wellness.

Joe values his family the most and is passionate about co-creating with his wife in their businesses. He loves spending time with his 3-year-old child and believes in the idea of working smart and living fully.

Joe has a long list of achievements, including working on high-reach podcasts, generating over $100 million in revenue online, raising over $500k in investments, and advising on marketing strategies for six different companies. Joe’s successful projects also include creating online video training platforms and mobile publishing companies that have helped generate over $50 million.

Short Version

Joe Fier is a successful content marketer, podcast host, and entrepreneur who provides advice on working smarter and living better. He has interviewed top experts, worked with clients in various industries, and achieved notable successes in generating revenue and raising investments. Joe values family, believes in working smart, and has created online platforms that generated millions.

About Hustle & Flowchart

The Hustle & Flowchart podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to work smarter and live a better life.

The podcast is focused on helping you build a business that gives you the freedom to enjoy life. They talk about systems, mindset tweaks, and strategies for entrepreneurs to enjoy the process of being in business and having fun.

This is not for people who want to build a billion-dollar business, but for those who want to build systems that work for them and create the ultimate lifestyle business.

Joe Fier, who used to be a chronic hustler, shares his experiences and mentors he met along the way to help you be more effective as an entrepreneur. Listen to conversations with Joe Fier and various mentors to learn principles and strategies to put into action for yourself.



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Joe Fier Hustle and Flowchart

Topics I Love Discussing

There are many topics that we love talking about and that we teach our existing clients. To be honest, our favorite conversations are about mindset, creating amazing relationships, focusing on having fun with your business, and enjoying the journey.

For those that love to get tactical, we’re happy to dive into any of these topics:

Podcast Growth Hacking

We test every conceivable idea to grow podcasts. We’re happy
to share some of our “outside the box” experiments

The Affiliate Promotion Engine

How we use content marketing and unique funnels to promote affiliate products to the tune of 7-figures per year.

Invisible Podcast Funnels

Our unique system for creating little passive revenue streams
with our podcast and internal or affiliate products

Podcast Newsletters

Our favorite monetization strategy is to create a physical newsletter around a podcast to generate recurring revenue

Podcast Guesting

This has been the single best way that we’ve used to grow our brand and reach - We’ve got systems to ensure we’re always on shows

The Perpetual Audience Growth System

Our unique system for combining multiple paid ad sources, SEO, and content marketing to generate reliable, quality traffic.