Robert Farrington: How Gets 3.5 Million Visitors Per Month

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From the age of 16 to 33, Robert Farrington worked at Target while slowly building his blog until he had 1,000,000 readers a month. He had used his side gig in order to pay off his college debt, build an investment portfolio, and now it was letting him become a full-time entrepreneur.

Robert is the founder of The College Investor, a leading personal finance site helping millennials get out of debt and start investing. He is America’s Millennial Money Expert®, and America’s Student Loan Debt Expert. He is on a mission to help people escape student loan debt and start building wealth for the future.

Time to brush off those old blog (or podcast!) ideas as Robert Farrington shows Matt and Joe how to build a massive audience with your content, the 3 primary ways to monetize a website, and ad strategies that cost nothing. After listening, go check out our conversations with Christopher Gimmer and David Sinick for more ways to craft top ranking content.

Blogging is like compound interest rate… you put this work in and it might not necessarily do anything upfront, but over time you really do have this large nest egg.” -Robert Farrington

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to turn random thoughts into traffic generating content
  • A schedule to build a blog that compounds traffic
  • The kind of content “success” you want to aim for
  • Methods for refreshing old content (so much easier than starting from scratch!)
  • A PR strategy to skyrocket your SEO
  • The 3 primary ways to monetize a blog
  • SEO factors that are more important than backlinks
  • How to research in order to make top ranking content
  • Best practices for running Reddit Ads
  • Why Facebook will no longer be #1 in 18 months
  • Ad strategies for when your budget is zero
  • Why you should probably invest even if you’re still in debt

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