Christopher Gimmer: The Founder Of Snappa Shares His SEO Secrets

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We’re big fans of Snappa, so it’s pretty exciting to have Christopher Gimmer on the show today. We use Snappa for all the graphics on our website, social media, our logos, etc… But we really, really wanted Christopher on the show when we found out all the marketing he uses to build such a successful business is 100% certified organic SEO.

Christopher has been pursuing his passion for entrepreneurship for over five years. He launched and grew a variety of online businesses until he became the co-founder and CEO of Snappa – the software that helps non-designers create online graphics in a snap.

Settle in as Matt and Joe learn Christopher’s system to market with only free, organic strategies, what it takes to design great software, and how to connect with your customers in order to improve every aspect of your business. When you’re done, learn more about creating and marketing new products from our conversations with David Sinick and Ben Adkins.

Patience is honestly the biggest thing because with software you never know… this huge bug that’s going to take a week to fix, it’s just hard to predict that kind of stuff.” -Christopher Gimmer

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The essential elements for super scalable products
  • How to succeed with 100% SEO marketing
  • Using viral content to find holes in the market
  • What it takes to design successful software (from conception to your 1st user)
  • A simple question to find your customers’ pain points
  • How to proactively survey customers
  • Tactics to leverage an audience into your next product
  • How to follow up with customers and increase retention
  • A process to vastly improve user experience
  • One thing you never want to say to your customers
  • Finding the right price point (don’t sell yourself short!)
  • Tips for finding hires and building a great team

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