How To Earn A Living Promoting Affiliate Products on YouTube – Dan Brock

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Dan Brock aka the ‘Deadbeat’ super affiliate.

Dan’s deadbeat is a fun caricature of the lazy affiliate marketer and enables Dan to teach and promote in a fun way.

Dan’s products include “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” and the updated “Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded”. Both products teach the system of creating many very small review websites focused on promoting physical products typically sold on Amazon.

On today’s episode, Dan will tell us how you make your website traffic go viral and how he goes about getting things done on a small amount of time. He’ll drill down the simple set of ingredients you can implement on your existing YouTube channel and even if you’re a starter in the business.

“It’s not really about intelligence, its more about discipline, emotional state and managing money” – Dan Brock

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The reason behind the “Deadbeat” brand
  • A typical day in the life of Dan
  • How Dan started his online business by playing video games
  • The HIGHS and LOWS when his web hosting company went kaput
  • How he shifted into affiliate marketing and why
  • The best online selling and shopping affiliate marketing platform
  • One golden thing to focus on when selling products online
  • What to look at when considering 3rd party affiliate programs
  • The Deadbeat persona story
  • How he creates his YouTube channels/videos and makes money from it
  • The specific FORMULA he uses when creating YouTube videos
  • How he chooses a topic and how he creates his successful videos
  • His hiring process on Upwork
  • The pen names he uses for his Youtube Channels
  • How he builds traffic in Youtube
  • Strategies for setting up your YouTube channel as a beginner
  • Keyword traffic TIPS in Youtube
  • Why SEO and copywriting are the two most important skills in this game
  • How to create stand out thumbnails in your videos
  • The fun strategy behind getting higher click through rates
  • How to start building an email list and create landing page as a beginner on YouTube
  • Some simple tools he uses on his review pages
  • Keeping attentions high through PowerPoint presentation videos
  • How AdSense works
  • Tactics on getting things done on a small amount of time
  • Why to consistently put your back against the wall…
  • Plus much much more…

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