Larry Ludwig – Selling an Affiliate Site For $6 Million

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On today’s show, we are talking with Larry Ludwig who has over twenty years of experience creating and promoting websites for himself and others. He’s personally worked with clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Lenscrafters, T. Rowe Price, IBM, Comedy Central, GM, Thought Catalog, and Nielsen. In 2018, he sold his investment review website, Investor Junkie for $6 million.

Listen in to hear how Larry built up his site, making revenue without having any products, focusing on reviews and comparisons for affiliate income. We talk about the right way and wrong way to build your site with the best SEO practices and how to create a great user experience, as well as how Larry was able to update his site easily when vendors made changes to their products, so his content stayed fresh and current. We also discuss tracking capabilities for affiliate links, the best tools to use and how to do reviews properly so your visitors can make a good buying decision.

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The reviews and comparisons are far down the funnel and one of the last steps for people before they decide to purchase something and they are really looking towards an expert like ourselves to say we really recommend this product or not this product.” – Larry Ludwig

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The best way to track your affiliate links
  • The old guard vs. the new guard in the podcasting space
  • How to take your analytics to all the way 11
  • How to set your site apart from everyone else
  • The possibilities of building an affiliate blog with the potential for exiting
  • What Larry would do differently today
  • And much, much more!

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