Dean Holland – How To Make Affiliate Marketing A Main Income Source

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Dean Holland created one of the first coaching programs we went through online. Dean has been into creating info products and affiliate marketing for many years. He also has a book about affiliate marketing called The Iceberg Effect which you can get for free. On today’s show, you’ll hear Dean’s evolution which ties into a really solid affiliate system where he also is helping a ton of people selling online.   

We reminisce about the early days of affiliate promotions all the way to what is working current day, and how Dean has found the perfect blend for his business of promoting his own offers with other marketer’s products which are a good fit for his audience, as well as some change in thinking over the years in regards to how he markets to the leads he gets. After you get your mind reeling with the possibilities, check out our other episodes with Navid Moazzez and our Therapy Session show we did earlier this year where we discuss more affiliate marketing strategies, what most affiliate marketers are doing wrong, and how to set yourself apart from the rest.

I just came around to the viewpoint that if there is a complimentary software or something that I know can help my customers…why can’t I be the one to provide that solution and everybody wins.” – Dean Holland

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • We reminisce about our own early days in the affiliate marketing game, even recalling who our very first customer was (you’ll never guess!)
  • How Dean’s wife actually beat his conversions even with an ugly funnel
  • Why recommending someone else’s product to your list actually increases the sales of your own
  • What Dean is doing with his best performing broadcast emails
  • The four most important things to focus on daily that have a direct impact on revenue
  • Dean’s observation with working with newcomers and the key things to get you moving towards your first sale
  • And much, much more!

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