James Schramko & Stephen Esketzis – Affiliate Marketing Double Header

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On today’s special Australian double header show, we’ve actually got two interviews from live streams we held earlier this year.  First up is James Schramko, who is a great friend and has been on the show quite a few times already. He talks about the basic foundational strategies that he uses in his business (which is also similar to our own business because we’ve modeled what he does), how he has been able to maintain great customer relationships over the years with the same membership site, and his thoughts and ideas on keys to building trust and what to do if you are just starting out.

Our second guest is Stephen Esketzis who we have modeled as well, with our affiliate blog posts. He was ClickFunnels #1 affiliate for a long time and he’s another one who we had on the show previously. Stephen has some newer updates, tools, and lots of good content marketing affiliate strategies and we also talk about developing some tools for affiliate marketing as well. We also dive into his cool method of using a quiz to create the perfect funnel for your business, and by taking a few extra steps that most marketers do not, has propelled his business by far.

Affiliate marketing is a topic that is one of the three foundational things we like to chat about, and it’s also a topic that people are looking for with examples on how to do it in their own business. James is building a platform, with a podcast, email lists, and a community, while Steven takes more of the blogging, customer journey, and SEO route. You can combine them and take pieces of each model as we did, which is what our business is about now. After you have listened, be sure to check out our shows with Larry Ludwig and Matt McWilliams for more tips on how to set your affiliate marketing goals right. 

When someone already has a database and they already know what products sell, just sticking them in front of their customers on the most highly visited page on their website is a really good idea.” – James Schramko

Now more and more people are switching to writing better quality reviews and content because it’s getting more competitive and you need to improve your content game if you want to become a better affiliate. The more value you provide, you get repaid for it in the long run.” – Stephen Esketzis

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tips if you are just starting out
  • James’ least favorite business and why he’s working his way through it currently
  • How to go above and beyond to stand out beyond the rest of affiliates
  • Why James had a Skype button on his site in the early days
  • How Stephen set up his super cool quiz funnel to get dialed in leads 
  • An idea for an affiliate site that is a lot of work but will lead to great rewards
  • How Stephen basically gets tons of software for free
  • Stephen’s early days of working with ClickFunnels and earning the title of top affiliate
  • And much, much more!

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