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Building a work day around when he gets to surf is the only hard and fast rule James Schramko follows in business. Making a comfortable seven figures a year working 25 hours a week is all the proof he needs that he’s doing it right.

It wasn’t always so streamlined though. Ten years ago James left his full-time day job by day, full-time night time building his business hustle at night for good. He made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship with the intent of building a better engine.

Fast forward to spending the last few years semi-retired, James allows his five core dream team members to run the business for him, and he’s got just the exercise to show you exactly how you can do this for your business too.  

In this dual podcast episode which will also be featured on the Superfast Business podcast, listen in on what it takes to have your business run without you in it, how to leverage a podcast as its own targeted traffic funnel and deciding which business models and systems are best for your goals.

If you want more actionable advice about stepping away from your business to let it run itself, have a listen to the Mike Michalowicz and previous James Schramko episodes.

You are the vehicle and the operating system for all the results you’re getting. You can change that more easily than any external factor.”– James Schramko

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to stop being the bottleneck in your business as the team leader
  • The art of creating an SOP that doesn’t require you to write it
  • Proof that doing only one task in your business can pay massively
  • How to use time blocking to support your daily non-negotiable activity
  • An exercise every entrepreneur should do involving Post-It notes and a whiteboard
  • Why having no desire to know your porn star name will make Instagram a much more attractive social media choice
  • To redefine your level of success, you must first drop the old conditioning
  • Discover your leverage points to earn $1,000 or more an hour
  • Why your number of downloads on iTunes is a vanity metric that doesn’t matter
  • Reminder…Your number of followers of Instagram doesn’t pay the cashier at the supermarket. Better learn to monetize!
  • Focus on what’s earning real gains for your business and table the rest
  • Here’s how to gain traction on your business traffic. Go broad. Go deep. Repeat.
  • A simple model to sustain momentum in your business without paid traffic
  • How to use a podcast as a funnel entry point
  • List hygiene + hypersegmentation = the two best email marketing strategies ever
  • Why a launch is one of the absolute worst business revenue models
  • A close second…Hosting a podcast run by popular vote with no intention of monetizing it
  • Why any course on traffic is a sure bet to earn you plenty
  • How being an affiliate focused on service earns you more in the long haul
  • Without a doubt, James says this is the best medium to build authority
  • Transcript coming soon

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