Roland Frasier & Oliver Schmalholz – How To Create Both Long And Short-Term Wins As An Affiliate

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We have a special show today that we planned with two of our business partners – Roland Frasier & Oliver Schmalholz. We are talking about a new endeavor that we are involved in and thought it would be really cool to share. It’s a new entity called Unicorn Equity, and we are working with Roland and Oliver in this new company, who are two of the most brilliant minds we know.

Roland is a dealmaker extraordinaire, and he’s been doing all these online challenges where people are learning about all the different interesting deal structures he’s doing to buy and sell businesses and to get a majority stakeholder ownership of the businesses so he can direct it.

Then we have Oliver on the call, who is also a dealmaker plus a tech wizard and has figured out how to build out this platform. Unicorn Equity gives us the ability to build a long term portfolio of asset companies that we really like as affiliate marketers. We don’t have to change anything, we are just earning into a company where we can pick and choose how much cash or how much equity we want to earn per sale. There are SAAS founders and software companies who are looking for marketing help and they’re willing to invest a portion of equity in their ownership of their company in exchange for that with that ownership being deferred into the future.  

You’re also going to hear about some creative deals that both Roland and Oliver have done as well as an epic challenge that Roland was working on that has gone really well. Plus you’ll hear an update as to what’s ahead for the next Traffic & Conversion Summit. We know you’ll enjoy our previous show with Roland too, where we discussed – ‘How To Scale Your Business By Acquiring Other Businesses’ and ‘A Step-By-Step System to Decide Which Opportunities To Pursue’.

That’s been a theme throughout my entrepreneurial career – to focus on subscription products, where you only have to make a sales effort once….then also leverage distribution channels on a success fee basis, only.” – Oliver Schmalholz

I drove roughly $1,300,000 in revenue to [an offer] over a six-day period as an affiliate and, as the number one affiliate, broke records and made several hundred thousand dollars and immediately realized that all I had done was built someone else’s brand. While I liked getting the commission money it didn’t make sense as a business model for me because I wanted to build wealth and the affiliate model as it is currently engineered is really a short term model.” – Roland Frasier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What to expect at the next Traffic & Conversion Summit later in the year
  • How the four of us got together to bring this to fruition
  • Working with fellow affiliates for the best interest of all, not as competitors
  • Previous deals with Roland and Oliver have worked on
  • Requirements for SAAS companies with Unicorn
  • Diversifying your risk for long term growth and revenue
  • All the benefits of working with high performing marketers that business may have not yet realized
  • Different ways of earning cash as an affiliate with this model
  • How you can be an affiliate too, even if you’ve never sold anything before

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