Roland Frasier – How To Scale Your Business By Acquiring Other Businesses

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There’s never enough time to get all the knowledge Roland Frasier has bubbling off his brainpan, so we had to bring him on for another round about acquiring companies to effectively scale your business no matter what stage you’re at. Don’t worry, round 3 is already in the works!

For those not in the know, Roland is a world-famous dealmaker who started in real-estate when he was 18 and now advises over 150 major companies on how to monetize and grow their businesses. He is also passionate about entrepreneurs and gives them the tools and knowledge they need through and The Traffic & Conversion Summit, which we attend religiously every year.

We are still trying to digest the wealth of actionable advice Roland dropped on us in this hour, like how to plan a multi-exit strategy for that big payday, selling one company to scale all your other companies, and buying a huge, targeted audience for practically nothing. After you’re done, you’ll definitely want to check out our previous episode with Roland, then follow up with Carl Allen.

I don’t think there’s a faster way to get into a business… or to grow your business than to buy one that already has what you want.” -Roland Frasier

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Breaking news about The Traffic & Conversion Summit!
  • How to plan a multi-exit strategy for that big payday
  • Mining potential buyers for your business goals
  • Using one sale to scale all your other companies
  • The 7 categories of good acquisitions
  • How to buy a huge, targeted audience at 1/100th of what it’d cost you to build it yourself
  • The Law Of Price And Terms that dictates negotiations
  • 8 ways to buy a business with no money down
  • Get a software team for less than hiring them yourself (and they start tomorrow!)
  • Qualities that all successful people share in common
  • Setting goals that expand your life and your business
  • A method for giving effective presentations to small crowds
  • How to reverse engineer a path to your biggest dreams

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