Equity Crowdfunding: Building Community Driven Investing with Sarah Hardwick

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We have an incredible guest on today’s episode! Sarah Hardwick, is on and sharing some truly eye-opening insights about the world of equity crowdfunding. In our conversation, Sarah covered the benefits of exit strategies for early-stage investors, the difference between rewards-based and equity crowdfunding, and the importance of community and communication for successful campaigns. She shared case studies, such as Aptera Motors, which successfully raised over 100 million dollars through crowdfunding, as well as other companies she’s worked with that aim to change the world.

Exit Strategies for Early-Stage Investors

Sarah discussed how early-stage investors can potentially benefit from strategies like going public (IPO) or getting acquired. She explained that having a clear exit strategy can make a huge difference for investors, providing them with rewards for their risks and investments.

Rewards-Based vs Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Sarah explained the difference between rewards-based and equity crowdfunding. Rewards-based crowdfunding offers backers a tangible product or service in return, while equity crowdfunding allows the public to invest money in exchange for shares in the company. She emphasized that equity crowdfunding involves a lot more regulations but offers startups more control and power.

Case Study: Aptera Motors

We dove deep into the success story of Aptera Motors. Aptera, a company that focuses on solar electric vehicles, raised over 100 million dollars through equity crowdfunding. They transitioned from a regulation CF to a regulation A+ campaign to achieve this feat. Sarah highlighted the importance of their well-produced video, which garnered 1.6 million views and widespread interest by being compared to the Batmobile.

Community Building and Investor Communication

Sarah emphasized the importance of transparency and regular communication with investors. She explained that there’s often an overlap between customers and investors, and keeping open lines of communication can lead to additional investments and upsells. A robust community can be a game-changer in your equity crowdfunding campaign’s success.

The Role of Emotional Connection and Values

We talked about the significance of values marketing and connecting with customers on an emotional level. Sarah said, “Understanding why people invest and aligning a company’s purpose with a community creates more than transactions—it builds movements.” She shared how tapping into emotions can drive successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Sarah’s Work with Geoship and Doroni Aerospace

Sarah works with other incredible companies like Geoship and Doroni Aerospace. Geoship focuses on regenerative communities and innovative homes made from bio-ceramic materials, while Daroni aims to revolutionize transportation with flying cars. Both companies embody the futuristic and world-changing themes that resonate well with early adopters and disruptors.

Engaging Ambassadors and Community Members

We discussed how Sarah effectively mobilized a core group of supporters. These ambassadors feel special thanks to rewards and exclusive information, similar to street teams for bands. This approach generated incredible growth, leading to over 45,000 followers and 16,000 investors.

The Importance of Maintaining Personal Values

In the end, we talked about staying true to personal values. Sarah highlighted the importance of not getting distracted by money and hustle. She believes in making a positive impact and doing meaningful work, which keeps her excited and motivated.


Our conversation with Sarah Hardwick was chock-full of valuable insights on equity crowdfunding, community building, and values marketing. Sarah’s focus on aligning a company’s mission with its community and maintaining transparency and emotional connections with investors offers a blueprint for success. Make sure to connect with Sarah on LinkedIn if you’re interested in becoming part of the crowdfunding community.

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