The Power of Being Useful: Strategies and Tools for Content Creation Success with Jacob Gooden

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Hi everyone, Joe Fier here! I’m excited to have Jacob Gooden guesting with me today. It’s been an episode 5 years in the making! Together, we dive into everything from content creation tips to navigating the world of podcasting with the right tools and mindset. We’ve packed this episode with valuable insights that any content creator, whether newbie or experienced, can benefit from.

Benefits of Social Platforms

Finding the core thing and using social platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter helps you reach more people. Social platforms are not just for fun; they can be powerful tools to get your message out. They let you connect with your audience more personally and share your content widely.

Manageable Content Creation

Jacob advises not to bite off more than you can chew. Start with a level of content creation that feels manageable and scale up as you see returns. Focus on creating consistent, valuable content even if it’s not perfect at first. Doing this helps you avoid burnout while allowing you to grow your content steadily.

Making Content Your Own

Both Jacob and I agree on the importance of making your content your own. It’s crucial to have fun with it and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Start with what you have, even if it’s messy. Authenticity resonates with people far more than overly polished content.

Redefining a Podcast

Redefining a podcast involves making it fun and engaging. You don’t need expensive equipment to start. Jacob suggests using tools like continuity cameras and basic editing software to get started. The goal is to create engaging content right from the get-go.

Editor vs. Producer

Jacob discusses the roles of an editor and a producer. An editor focuses on refining the content, but a producer enhances the overall experience by exploring industry trends and making the show better. Knowing the difference helps set proper expectations when hiring someone for your podcast.

Client Expectations and Training

Jacob talks about the challenges of working with clients, especially those unsure about their vision. He recommends doing a test episode at a discounted rate for new clients. This helps gauge compatibility before committing to a longer-term arrangement. Open communication and two-way feedback are crucial in this process.

Useful Tools for Content Creation

We mentioned several tools like and Otter, which help capture and organize thoughts for content creation. Speaking thoughts into existence with these tools eases the daily juggle of tasks. Descript stands out for its AI capabilities in video and audio editing, serving as a foundational tool in our workflow.

Accessibility of Creating Content

Creating content is more accessible than ever. You can start with readily available tools like smartphones and laptops. It’s not necessary to invest in expensive equipment right away. Gain some experience first, and then consider upgrading as you see fit.

Importance of Focused Content Creation

Trying to be everywhere can be overwhelming. Instead, hone in on what works best for your content. For instance, focusing on LinkedIn and Instagram can be more effective if that’s where your audience is. Strategic experimentation and testing with different platforms help determine where your content is most valuable.

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Concluding Thoughts

This episode with Jacob Gooden offers a treasure trove of insights into content creation and podcasting. From understanding the importance of social platforms and managing content volume to differentiating between editors and producers, we cover it all. We encourage you to start where you are, experiment, and most importantly, have fun with your content. Reach out to us with your thoughts, and let’s make content creation an engaging and enjoyable journey!

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