Do The Thing Formula: Small Steps to Big Changes with Stacey Lauren

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In a riveting session of “Hustle and Flowchart,” hosts Joe Fier and special guest Stacey Lauren dive deep into the realms of personal growth and clear communication. Their discussion weaves through several essences of professional and personal evolvement, stressing the significance of vocalizing thoughts for enhanced understanding while surrounding oneself with like-minded motivators. Here’s a glance into how they unfold these elements, encouraging listeners to ‘do the thing’ and shift perspectives when urgency clouds judgment.

Vocalizing Thoughts for Clarity

During their talk, Joe shares how articulating his thoughts has transformed his approach to concepts and strategies, leading to a crystal-clear understanding. They delve into a tool called The Oasis that facilitates this process by organizing spoken thoughts and generating outputs, emphasizing the liberation found in ‘throwing up’ thoughts to clear mental space.

Stacey Lauren’s “I’m Game” Formula

Stacey imparts her potent “I’m game” formula composed of recognizing excuses, injecting fun into endeavors, establishing draft goals, and commitment. She highlights the exhilaration of growth aligned with accountability and the support of a goal-shared community.

The Importance of Like-Minded Community

Both Joe and Stacey stress the vital role of finding and being part of a supportive community. Sharing similar goals with others provides a robust backdrop of motivation and innovation, accentuating the importance of group interaction for progressing individually and collectively.

The Evolution of “Do the Thing”

They discuss how “do the thing” has evolved to prioritize discovering one’s unique voice. Their conversation prompts listeners to embark on the “find your voice” challenge which advocates recording oneself to aid comfort with self-expression and to stretch personal boundaries progressively.

From Feeling Overwhelmed to Taking Breaks

Conversations advance to tackling the stress of constant drive and the necessity to embrace breaks for a refreshed viewpoint. Stacey divulges her past experiences and the lessons on the imperative to step back for broader, innovative perspectives.

Unlocking Potential with Incremental Steps

The act of unlocking one’s potential through modest, consistent actions is a passion for Stacey. She shares the palpable impacts of her system and encourages the embracement of micro-actions coupled with perpetual learning for never-ending self-improvement.

Monetizing Passion and Educational Growth

A pivotal aspect of their dialogue covers the journey of transforming a passion project into a thriving business venture. Both hosts discuss “educational” endeavors, embodying both the absorption and dissemination of knowledge among like-minded individuals.

Stacey Lauren’s Personal and Professional Journey

From operating a staffing company to navigating recessions and a global pandemic, Stacey’s traverse in the business world has been eventful. This journey informed her subsequent ventures, including the crafting of her book and the launch of her “Do the Thing Podcast.”

Finding One’s Voice and Joy in Small Steps

The theme of identifying and taking pleasure in one’s unique voice pulses through the session. Stacey’s coaching approach is about propelling individuals through accessible actions and ensuring the path they carve is as enjoyable as it is fruitful.

Resources from Stacey

Check out Stacey’s Facebook Group, “Do the Thing Community” where she challenges the group to identify their passions and are gives a treasure trove of strategies for personal and professional growth. For listeners aiming to dive deeper into Stacey’s techniques or join her community, her podcast “Do the Thing Podcast” is available on platforms such as Apple and Spotify. This session encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurship through the lens of constant learning, community building, and finding joy in the journey. It’s a clarion call to listeners to courageously chart their own paths while remaining attuned to their innate potential and the collective wisdom of their peers.

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