Therapy Sessions: T&C, Podfest, Selling Shirts, and Affiliate Marketing

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What a wild 2 weeks it’s been! First, we went to the Traffic & Conversion Summit then hopped right on a plane to Orlando for Podfest Multimedia Expo. We had some flight issues too, but enough about that.

We’ve been out on the road speaking, hosting our brew events, flying solo at a podcasting panel, and getting to meet our fans face to face. Now we’re back with a ton to share about what we learned and how it’s shaping the next steps in our business.

This time it’s just us out in nature sharing everything we just presented on the road like our no maintenance system for selling merch and how we’ve been monetizing our podcast from day 1. When you’re done, go check out our previous Therapy Sessions and some of our favorite episodes we mentioned like Joy Houston and Moe Abbas.

Most of the year we’re kind of in our own little bubble… until we go to an event and actually bump into listeners and they’re like, ‘I really loved that episode!’” -Matt Wolfe

“In this evolution of our business that we have to be true to our path more than ever before. It’s like way easier to get distracted now.” -Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How (not!) to avoid losing your voice at a conference
  • The new way we’re finding real feedback
  • New branding strategies from the conference floor
  • An effortless, no maintenance system to sell merch
  • The 80/20 of our business model
  • Why we’re moving away from info products
  • Our outreach strategy to build affiliate relationships
  • How to monetize your podcast from day 1
  • A rule of thumb for your email list
  • Sponsorship vs. Affiliate: Our numbers show a clear winner!
  • Latest tools we’re using in our business
  • The new book we’re geeking out about

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