Therapy Sessions: Analyzing What Makes Us Tick

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We got a lot of great feedback about our last therapy session, so here is a new installment where we analyze what makes us our brains tick and how we rein in our minds when they start going a little haywire.

In this episode, we dive deep into strategies we use to go straight into the flow when we start recording, how to sidestep mental blocks that slow us down, and our personal strategies to overcome hang-ups that used to rule our lives. We also reflect on our latest personality assessment and look back at how much has changed for the better since we became entrepreneurs.

We hope this episode gets you analyzing how you overcome your own struggles and what strategies you use to release pressure and appreciate life. When you’re done, go listen to our previous therapy session and then check out Corona Brady for great advice about managing stress.

My therapy quite honestly (this is going to sound cheesy) is this podcast… because I tend to be someone who bottles up stuff.” -Matt Wolfe

“Just think about how much easier life can be if you actually understand the other person you’re talking to… Just be love, have fun, be cool, and enjoy the time we’re on this planet together.” -Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Our awesome new mic setup!
  • How we avoid mental blocks when recording
  • What we plan out when recording episodes
  • Getting comfortable working through unknowns
  • Matt’s mental strategies to stop over analyzing things
  • The new personality assessment we’re into
  • Why our network is our go-to for problem-solving
  • The benefits and perils of your mirror opposite
  • Joe’s methods to relax, meditate, be cool, and have fun
  • Managing time and energy to stay at your best
  • A trick that gets us right into our flow
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others (focus on your personal journey instead!)

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