Daily Habits To Manage Overwhelm And Stress In Your Life – Corona Brady

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After moving to Australia and landing the corporate banking job she had worked all her adult life to attain Corona Brady had a sudden calling. The stress of climbing the ladder had taken its toll and she was constantly fatigued, depressed, and an anxious mess. A doctor told her she had liver damage and would soon be diabetic. Then a voice told her it was time to take a new path.

Corona left her job and began searching for a different way to live. She studied meditation, breathe work, and Kundalini Yoga. And after exploring the many ways a person can transform themselves she founded The Energy For Life Academy to teach women how to reclaim their innate power and self worth.

Listen in as Corona Brady tells the guys how ignoring your purpose can make you ill, the best daily habits to manage stress, and how to find your Breath Of Fire. If you’re seeking even more habits to heal your mind and body check out our episodes with Dr. Steve Ruden and Brian Bradley. Or find out our own daily habits.

Stress is always going to be in your life… It’s learning how to cope with the stress, it’s having tools, and routines, and beautiful rituals in your life.”– Corona Brady

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why stress and burnout could be making you ill
  • Some life experiments to improve wellbeing
  • How to get rid of fatigue by following the right goals
  • Why the corporate ladder will leave you feeling hollow
  • How to reclaim your innate power and take off the mask
  • The questions to ask yourself when you feel something in your life is missing
  • How to detox your mind in the evening
  • Why mastering your morning will also reclaim your day
  • The time of night you need to sleep to heal your body and mind
  • Breath Of Fire: A quick way to find focus and creativity
  • How to turn off your screen(s) and not fear your business will crumble
  • Making sacred rituals part of your day

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