How Your Hips Hold Your Business Back – And How To Fix It – Brian Bradley

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What if doctors today have it all wrong when it comes to healing? A chance meeting with Pete Egoscue and a hook-up with Tony Robbins in the early nineties were the only two cues Brian Bradley needed to join the new healing movement right alongside them.

After completing his degree in physical science and a focus in nutrition, Brian became the head ambassador to the low-intensity body movement system coined the Egoscue Method with Pete. Over the past 26 years, he’s trained professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and PGA and countless others to help overcome their pain and perform at their peak.

As a pioneer in the functional movement, Brian has taken Pete’s unique method to The Patch, an exercise facility aimed at balancing the human body to give it the best chance to function most effectively. If you’re stuck in your chair building your empire, tune in for Brian’s easy five-minute workout to get you prepared for your “sitting as a sport” day.

If Brian got you up and out of your chair in this episode, listen in on Marx Acusto-Rubio’s episode when the guys first got introduced to the concept.  Also, while you’re contemplating mindset, this post Joe wrote about motivation is worth a quick look too.

It’s my job to get people out of their head and into their heart about what they should trust about the human body.”– Brian Bradley

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How a baby and a bin of rice caused the creation of the Egoscue Method
  • What to do when you get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and you can’t buy your way out of it
  • How to think of sitting as a sport instead of the new smoking
  • A simple fix for billions should be this to be effective
  • Don’t just sit there and listen, stand up and join in (unless you’re driving)
  • Shift from a hope of getting well into an event of getting well if you ever want to get past your pain
  • Once you see injury as this, you’ll start the healing process
  • Why barefoot is better than CrossFit
  • How to keep yourself off the pills and in the chair effectively making hella gains in your business
  • Some words of advice for Tiger Woods (you can definitely use on the course as well)
  • Experience how your mind changes your emotion, buy using your body as the catalyst to do it first hand
  • Do this to sleep through the night if you’re a chronic snorer
  • Be able to ride the lower waves in your business until the big ones come in again by taking care of this

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