“Are You Ready To Build Your Business Around Your Dream Lifestyle Instead Of Fitting Your Life Around Your Business?”

Well, of course you are!

We’ve made it a personal mission to show people that there’s a better way in life…

You’re taught that you should go to school, go to college, get a good job, patiently save money, and finally, when you’re too old to enjoy the money, retire and live on what you’ve managed to save.

Even worse than that, you went to school, went to college, started a business, and now you find yourself working 60-80 hours per week so that you can enjoy the “freedom” that a business a provides.

Our personal philosophy on both of these paths… F’ THAT!

We got out of that cycle nearly 10 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Your business should provide income streams. It shouldn’t provide a job.

…And it’s so much less complicated than most people make it out to be!

Create something that others find valuable, build a business around it, and then create systems to automate it and back yourself out of it.

Rinse and repeat.

Once you have these income streams in place, the real fun begins!

You get to decide when you work, where you work, who you work with, and how much you want to make.

Our favorite thing in our business is that, when we want to experiment with new ideas, we can. If we want to get away for a few weeks without a computer or a phone, we can do that too.

We personally love business, marketing, strategy, and all that comes along with it…

However, the real freedom happens when you have the OPTION but not the OBLIGATION to work on it.

And that’s what we want to help people like YOU achieve for your business and your lifestyle.

Over the past ten years, we’ve developed a set of methodologies, a set of systems, and a handful of processes that we don’t publicly teach.

Despite having a TON of free content available through our blog and podcast, we still reserve some of the highest level stuff, the stuff that will move the needle the quickest, for those that we consult with personally…

It’s not because we’re selfish, or because we’re afraid of competition, or even because we need something to sell…

It’s because it’s difficult to teach the strategies to a general audience.

We need to look at a business, adapt our methodologies to that specific business and to your specific goals, and we need to walk you through them in a way that you will follow through and feel accountable to make sure they happen.

You might currently be at a point of complete overwhelm with your direction, your marketing strategy, or from the advice and tactics that are constantly flooding your way.

It’s overwhelming because you’re being bombarded with strategies marketed at a general audience that may or may not be right for your specific business, your specific goals, and the lifestyle that you are trying to create this business for.

There’s nothing worse than traveling down a path that you think is the smartest path, only to find out that you’ve headed down the complete wrong direction and now find yourself backtracking.

Up until this point, we have never offered this type of personalized advising, but you’ve been asking for it. Our inboxes are flooded with requests and we just can’t ignore it any longer.

Our passion is to help a SMALL group of people in a very BIG way. This is our new purpose and here’s what we’re offering to fulfill it…

For an extremely limited time, we are seeking out people who are serious about achieving their dreams and their ideal lifestyle. We’re not looking for people that are just interested in dabbling in this “internet marketing” thing. We’re looking for people with existing businesses that are already selling something but just aren’t achieving the goals that they set out to achieve when they started their business.

We’re looking for people who want to build a business around their dream lifestyle… because building a lifestyle around your business puts you back in the same place where your business owns you and, honestly, we’d probably rather have a job and a “stable” income than go down that path again.

We’d love to hear about you and your business. If we’re a good fit, we’d be honored to work with you. We’re not going to overhaul your business or what you sell. We’re going to overhaul the way you approach your business and HOW you sell it so that the business isn’t reliant on you.

Take about 2 minutes and fill out this quick form. There is no obligation attached, no one is going to try to hard-sell you on anything, and we don’t even collect these emails onto an autoresponder… So you’ll be hearing directly from us (not a bot or an automated followup).

The 2 minutes to fill this out could change your life’s trajectory… So what do you have to lose?