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From millionaire to decamillionaire to broke and back again in a whole new way and faster than ever – those are some of the credentials that may get you interested in listening to what our guest Marx Acosta-Rubio has to say.

Today’s podcast was filled to the max by Marx. We’re not exaggerating when we say we could have gone on for at least twice as long in just this episode. Who doesn’t appreciate a story of a fall from grace to a stunning Phoenix-like rebirth?  

With so much actionable mindset advice based on his own experience, it’s no wonder he’s got a bevy of GTD-ers lining up to take his 90-day challenge. As we listened to his business savvy around setting priorities, following the 80/20 principle and thriving in business, when Marx offered, we jumped at the chance to enroll in the challenge ourselves.

We’re so busy these days getting out of our own way, we can’t imagine what’s next. This is a buckle down kind of episode. You may want to mark this one off in your schedule so you have enough time to take notes and develop a plan of action with all the takeaways hiding inside.

If you like some of what Marx has to say, be sure to check out these past episodes with James Schramko and Christy Whitman that really hit home about gaining clarity, taking aligned action and abundance.

You’re only one, two or three moves away from greatness or disaster.” – Marx Acosta-Rubio

The reason I can have 14 clients and multiple companies…and still look like I’m doing nothing is because I know everything I’m not doing when I choose to do something…” – Marx Acosta-Rubio

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get a Ph.D. in life
  • Blue Eyes Ryan is a lurker. Who’d of guessed it?
  • Ways to lose at life that begin with “b” and rhyme with “aim”
  • How to go from being a name dropper to not even a cricket whisperer in 3 decisions
  • Why you’ll never unhook the chains of self-sabotage unless you make this a regular practice
  • Four un-delegatable tasks every entrepreneur who seeks success must acknowledge
  • Two situations when your wife can call you a dumb-a@# and you’re happy about it (The name is D-u-m-a-s-s)!
  • Anybody know what a GTD is?
  • Riddle us this…What is it about your habits that’s holding you back?
  • Is V2GP2 a new Star Wars character?
  • The clearest path to twice the happiness and wealth in half the time
  • Your secret weapon to make roadblocks negligible
  • The true answer to the rarest commodity on the planet
  • How to make a horse, water, and a 90-day challenge work in harmony
  • Here’s why you’ve been doing the 80/20 principle all wrong
  • Serving up, brain dump for one…Be sure to do this when two or more join forces
  • You’ve got the what to do, now what about the how? Surrender or subconscious?
  • Are you a kitty cat or the relentless guy trying to buy that “hot chick” drinks when it comes to setting business goals?  
  • Matt gets his mind blown by the fluidity of a “context”
  • The trick to taking action from all those books you read
  • What is useless without emotion behind it?
  • How “organic” and “natural” are keys to a better prioritization
  • It’s not about ignoring the weeds but shifting how you let the presence of weeds affect you
  • Why a “purposeful” morning self-care ritual may actually hamper your creativity and intuition
  • What in the world is egoscue?
  • Why you shouldn’t follow 80/20 all the time (Did you stop listening? We’ll tell you at the 80% done mark).
  • What a Samurai and a successful entrepreneur have in common
  • Three is the magic number
  • How going fractal hits you in the wallet
  • Avoid the, “You’re broken. It’s not your fault. Let me help you fix it.” book at all costs
  • On becoming the protagonist in your own life story
  • How following the GTD system can finally get clarity on your North Star

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