Therapy Sessions – Getting Real On What We Struggle With – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

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Sure, we get our guests to open up about the struggles they faced while building their businesses all the time. But it’s not so often you get to hear about our own struggles as we’ve brought you The Hustle & Flowchart week after week. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback we should share more about what goes on when the mic is off and we’re feeling ready to deliver.

On this episode, we dive deep into the things we’ve kind of been scared to get vulnerable about with all of you this past couple of years. We not only go into the struggles we have “behind the scenes,” we also expose the anxieties and thoughts we may not be proud of, but hey, it’s us. Plus we’ve learned a lot this year about what we really want out of life and our business and we’re excited to share our methods for personal growth with you too.

We hope this episode gets you considering what business goals actually get you the life you want, the value of your health, family, and wellbeing, and where you really want to be aiming your mental energy. When you’re done listening, go check out that time Joe shared about his ayahuasca ceremony and our talk with Dan Kuschell that pushed our insight to the next level.

We’re not a freakin’ push button podcast.” -Joe Fier

“Shut off the idea others are judging you and your happiness quotient skyrockets.” -Matt Wolfe

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Getting to that real talk and being vulnerable, not me-me-me ego stuff
  • When Matt passed out at a conference and his resulting health scare
  • Joe and his wife having the baby they were fostering for 15 months go back
  • The struggles at every level of success (they get grander too!)
  • How to be grateful even in the hard times
  • Keeping your life and your business simple and fun
  • Using a journal to “wash your brain” and get in the flow
  • Answering the 3 big questions: What you want, who you are, and what you stand for
  • Matt and Joe’s results and insights from the Kolbe Test
  • Getting your perspective to shift when you’ve been hustling too much
  • 8 big lessons from Matt’s journal, plus a few more
  • Learning a lot about a lot, because the most successful entrepreneurs are polymaths
  • How to use empathy to get the right mindset in life and business
  • Why it’s crucial to a have a personal reason to make more money

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