3 Questions To Base All Your Decisions Around – Dan Kuschell

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Twelve years ago Dan Kuschell was in the hospital, suffering a sudden health crisis. That’s when he encountered the 3 questions that made him restructure both his business and his life.

Sure, hundreds of employees sound great, but is it what you really want? Dan realized there is a simpler way to maintain success and now, after founding eleven companies of his own, that’s what he does for his clients. He helps businesses connect the dots, see their blind-spots, and get unstuck by implementing unique sales & marketing systems.

Learn some of Dan Kuschell’s many strategies to both simplify and grow your business as he lets Matt and Joe in on the 3 questions he always asks himself, the 8 values that he and his business live by, and how to choose which opportunities to follow. When you’re done listening, get some more marketing strategies from Billy Gene Shaw and Curt Maly.

When you get clear on your values then what’s most important is not what you do… it’s what you say no to.”– Dan Kuschell

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why trying to be “better” puts your business at risk
  • How small businesses can generate buying climates (just like Apple or Starbucks!)
  • A tip to make your elevator pitch simple and insanely effective
  • The 3 critical questions that define your business and your humanity
  • Why “people pleasing” prevents you from scaling
  • A new tactic to get breakthrough traffic
  • The 2 elements you need to magnify your results
  • A rule to follow when choosing different opportunities
  • “Avail-Ability” is what it all comes down to
  • CHAMPION: The values for a successful life (and for your business)
  • A far-reaching ad strategy that costs just pennies
  • The kind of offers that are nothing but trouble for your business

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