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Curt Maly was spending millions promoting his celebrity clients on Facebook, but customer service still wouldn’t return his calls. So he did what he’s good at and networked his way to someone with answers. For that, Facebook banned both his business and personal account.

Now on the sidelines, Curt did the opposite of what everyone told him to do. He sold his business and went into coaching and consulting. He decided to represent clients he knew were changing the world and show them how they can make money while doing it too. Now he’s a Facebook Ad guru, teaching businesses how to target their audiences with just $1/day.

This episode is rapid-fire, so stay sharp as Curt Maly tells Matt and Joe how to avoid that mid-funnel dead space, where to stack your content, and why you use a scooter to find barbecue in Austin, TX. After you listen, get some more Facebook tips with David Schloss and Dennis Yu.

You can sell hand cream or whatever you want. I’m really passionate about stuff that can change the world.”– Curt Maly

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Ninja Facebook Ad Tactics!
  • How to get back on track when you’re banned from Facebook
  • When your software gets stolen by blackhat sites and what to do about it
  • Why ManyChat is the Xerox of chatbots
  • How to use 3-4 min videos to build your audience (Check out our List Building Guide for more strategies)
  • The best way to leverage your podcast guests and get traffic from their audience
  • How to stack your content to find your ideal customers
  • What Facebook can I.D. about your video and what it can’t
  • Crafting a Hot-7 Audience and what to do with them
  • The benefits of being Resident-of-the-Month
  • How to test your ads until they are getting you that perfect 1:1 offer
  • The power of $1 in Facebook ads
  • Why Facebook ads are also changing the way we watch movies

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