YouTube Ad Strategies From Someone Who Worked At Google – John Belcher

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When the prospect of spending eight more years in college to become a doctor after earning the undergrad degree at a competitive private college seems like too much, what’s the next logical career choice? Thankfully for John Belcher it was sales.

It wasn’t just any sales career to start for John. He chose to work as a medical equipment sales rep in facial trauma and spinal injury surgical equipment that taught him the importance of being able to express your value clearly. He naturally gravitated to the teaching and training of medical staff on the use of the equipment he sold.

After a few years, John made the leap over to the digital world as a sales consultant for Google’s ad network. While he enjoyed the “techie” aspect of it all, he longed to be able to dive deeper with his clients to help them understand the process of utilizing paid traffic to its fullest.

Figuring out his true path was teaching, John decided it was time to do ad consulting on his own in an environment where he could provide what he considered to be real value to his clients, time. He found Justin and Chaunna Brooke, bought a course on managing traffic from them and knew he was listening to the right people. Not long after becoming a customer, John reached out to become an instructor for them on Google ads. An easy merger into partnership followed soon afterwards and AdSkills was born.   

In today’s episode, listen in as John reveals the seven pitfalls of paid traffic, where you should start when considering running YouTube ads, and the importance of waterfalls in your retargeting campaigns. If this episode helps you make headway in paid traffic, tune in to Billy Gene Shaw’s episode to learn how he structures his YouTube ads and Dennis Yu’s episode to understand more about the power of video ads at the top of your sales funnel.

If you just come in every day and put in your efforts, any goal that you set you should be able to smash.”– John Belcher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How owning your part in the process of running paid ads results in developing realistic expectations
  • Again with the Dan Ryan shout out? Seriously Blue Eyes, where’s your ad?
  • Techie knowhow + great storytelling=The perfect recipe for ad conversion success
  • What is a profitable population density, and why you should consider it
  • Always, always, always utilize the five stages of awareness to uplevel your conversions
  • Should you let your chosen ad network decide how to spend your money?
  • This is the type of audience you should dedicate the bulk of your ad spend on, no matter which ad platform you use
  • How custom intent and super niche B2C offers can still crush it on a $5/day ad spend on YouTube
  • Shocking results of Zero Targeting on YouTube for CPA and conversion rates
  • Why tracking your organic traffic while running a YouTube ad campaign can be an eye-opener regarding your campaign effectiveness
  • How to write an effective 30-second video script for your own YouTube ad
  • Why patience, tracking and a starting data set are your best tools before running any ad campaign
  • Follow this process to brand with YouTube ads like Tai Lopez
  • What’s up with the in-house college football rivalry at Joe’s?
  • Transcript coming soon

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