Mind Altering Substances

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Different people have varying views and opinions about psychedelics or mind-altering substances. A lot of people see these things from a negative standpoint because of the many stories they hear about individuals who abuse their drug use. With the recent reports that a well-known stimulant would be legalized for the treatment of cancer, now is the time to keep an open mind about the effects that these substances have on our bodies.

In today’s episode, Joe shares with us his ”tea ceremony” experience – his ayahuasca intake in tea form under a controlled environment that was superintended by doctors and experts. Ayahuasca is a leaf known to have mind-altering effects on people who ingest it. Tim Ferris and Steve Jobs go through the same process as Joe did to unlock their unique creativity in them. More than a recreational activity, the “tea ceremony” is executed as a ritual that reflects a religious and spiritual experience to those who take part in it.

It taught me to slow down, take a moment, deprioritize, and then act.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The tea ceremony process
  • What ayahuasca is
  • Ayahuasca’s effect on your brain
  • Defining the “enemy” in life
  • Effects on people who do this often
  • Impact on the life and business of individuals who undergo the ritual
  • Typical set up of a “tea ceremony,” things used, rules to follow, and the people and rituals involved in it

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