How To Write Copy That Speaks Directly To Your Ideal Customers – Joy Houston

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After changing her diet fixed Joy Houston’s fertility troubles she wanted to share what she had learned with other people suffering as she had. She created a nutrition course and marketed it with every tactic in the book. It failed hard. Then she realized she needed to talk with her customers to know how to actually connect with them.

Joy developed her Conscious Copy Converts process based on interviews that revealed the motivating factors and precise language customers use during the full cycle of engagement with a brand. Her results not only get higher sales but a richer experience that elevates the lifetime value of customers by nurturing relationships that feel mutually beneficial rather than overtly promotional.

Time to take your writing skills up another level as Joy Houston gives Matt and Joe her whole process to create powerful copywriting from scratch, what 4 personality types your copy needs to speak to, and how she charts the entire customer journey. When you’re done, check out our conversation with Joy’s husband Travis for more content strategies and get more copy advice from Kevin Rogers.

When I write every piece of copy I don’t think about thousands of people… I think about having a conversation with one person.” -Joy Houston

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We wanted to share with you some graphics that Joy uses to perfectly illustrate the concepts she developed to write copy that speaks directly to your customers. Keep these on your desktop while writing and you won’t lose sight that one person you’re speaking to.

Character DiamondPersonality TypesPersonality Characteristics

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The proof you need to be sure your product is viable
  • Why community building comes first, tactics second
  • Working with your spouse (it makes your marriage way better… and way worse)
  • Flowcharts to map all your customers’ choices
  • A process to get a team up to speed fast
  • Finding your authentic copywriter style
  • 3 ways to harvest vital information from your audience
  • How to do psychological interviews with customers
  • One question that will improve your product (and tell you what your next product should be)
  • The 4 personality types your copy needs to attract
  • How to perfect writing in different styles and voices
  • A sales page template that works on everyone
  • What you need mapped out before you write one word of copy

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