The Essential Elements of Great Hooks And Sales Copy – Kevin Rogers

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What does performing stand up comedy and writing profitable sales copy have in common?  Surprisingly, much more than you might think…And thanks to Kevin Rogers stand up career, to timeshare copywriter, to chief copywriting and course creator evolution, you too can be in the know.

Kevin waved goodbye to high school before getting his diploma. As the “funny” and awkward guy all through school built for laughs, he ditched sacking groceries and detailing cars to go on the road as a comedian. For the next 12 years, he got to work alongside some greats including Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Billy Gardell to name a few. The only problem was, he saw so many who’d been beating the pavement for too long be unsuccessful at making it big who became bitter, and he knew he didn’t want that.

Naturally, Kevin left to find jobs that didn’t require much of a resume because of his lack of education and his extended stint in stand-up. At that time, a good friend decided to take him under his wing and brought him into copywriting for timeshares where Kevin found his natural storytelling ability was put to great use. Soon after, Kevin created his own course and become one of the most prolific connectors of solid copywriters with the business owners who need them.

Speaking of stories, some of the topics on the mic in this episode include how to write a good hook, the three zones of audience awareness, and how to find the best copywriter to fulfill your needs. If you’re looking for more advice on copywriting, check out what Connor Gallagher and Matt have to say on the topic.

The truth…It can be just as sexy if you’re good at what you do.””– Kevin Rogers

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to go from stand up comedy to copywriting to creative writing with this one important skill
  • A surprising assessment about comedy writers
  • Use the 4 x 6 copywriting formula to get out of the funk and into the flow of writing copy
  • This, more than the quality of the writing, is what causes the best copy
  • How understanding what a green, yellow and red zone problem are will determine the skill set and tone required for a copywriter pitching a product
  • Not one, but two timeshares Joe? That’s some hella good copywriting skills!
  • A simple and super effective technique to nail writing your own copy if you’re not in the market to hire
  • To write the best copy, sometimes you just have to lay on your back and look under a piano
  • Tips for when and how to hire the best copywriter for your product
  • Whoa, watch out for your earholes! Kevin’s getting loose
  • If a copywriter is excited about your niche, your product and you, there’s always a way to make the budget work
  • Matt’s idea to use hostage negotiation tactics to flip the script on timeshare presenters…
  • The best compliment you can give to the host of a podcast
  • Transcription coming soon

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