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When his real estate business tanked in 2007, Travis Houston had to move back to his mom’s house in dreary Oregon. Then he spent six months readying to launch his first online product, which ended up a total failure. But he also learned exactly what content he needed to make his next launch a success.

Travis has refined his methods over the years and distilled them into simple, actionable steps to make content that sends products soaring. He has helped launch many profitable health and nutrition businesses and put three of his clients’ books on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Listen in as Travis Houston lets Matt and Joe in on his foolproof formulas to make your launch A.W.E.S.O.M.E., the best metrics to analyze your data, and the new tools he uses to get ahead of the competition. When you’re done, check out our interviews with Curt Maly and Chris Mercer to learn about more tools and strategies that will simplify your business.

It’s not only about math… We are entrepreneurs because we have really good business intuition. If I combine the math with my business intuition, that’s when the magic happens.”– Travis Houston

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The 1:3:15 system that makes successful launches simple
  • A quick funnel to jumpstart your launch
  • How to make the right “lures” for your audience
  • The essential personality types to keep in mind when copywriting
  • What to do with your best, unique content
  • A system to craft 45 perfect ads for your product
  • The YouTube ranking tool that will outstrip your competition
  • What metrics you need to keep your eye on
  • 7 steps to launch your product into the stratosphere
  • How to use The Telepathy Triangle to make great content
  • 5 columns you need to find the right keywords
  • The amazing secret that gets your content seen on Medium (We had to pry this one out of Travis!)
  • A quarterly planning method that gets more done in 90 days than most companies will do all year

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