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After building one of the biggest renovation businesses in Canada, Moe Abbas was still in his twenties and wondering what to do next. He had always thought traditional education was, at best, a dubious deal. Plus, his favorite part about his job had been training interns into full-time employees.

Two years ago Moe co-founded GenM, which is already changing both the way students find jobs and businesses get the talent they need. Not only offering a new, affordable path to gaining expertise but a business that is reviving the old concept of apprenticeship for the digital age.

Listen in as Moe Abbas shares with the guys how invaluable apprentices can be for small businesses, why you always speak directly to every client, and the fast-approaching future of education. When you’re done, check out our talks with Mike Matuz and Roland Frasier to find more opportunities for your business.

We started on this mission to build a free education system that’s accessible to anyone and leads to jobs, that was the birth of GenM.” – Moe Abbas

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The well-kept secret that small businesses are finally catching onto
  • How to become an expert about anything for free
  • The best way to hire and train students
  • What a student needs to actually get a job
  • How to build a “beachhead” in one niche that leads to limitless growth
  • Why scalable solutions are killing young businesses
  • The #1 skill you need for a successful apprenticeship
  • How to streamline your onboard process to eliminate churn
  • What makes for a great date (it’s also what you want in a hire!)
  • Tips on how to grow your business with referrals
  • The 3 categories that reveal your business’s true challenges

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