How To Find Antiquated Industries And Disrupt Them – Mike Matuz

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If you’ve ever wondered if it was time to just get out there on a new path with a business model to see if it’s Grammy worthy or a straight to the rental rack kind of gig, Mike Matuz is the guy to enlighten you.

Mike’s sole mission is to help anyone with a great business idea to succeed. He lends his 5 years of experience going from a new gym owner carrying debt to being fully self-funded as a prime example of what tuning in to business disruption can do for anyone who’s ready to get into action.  

Now Mike’s journey is to coach and mentor others who want to reinvent themselves as they bring new solutions to antiquated markets and test the waters before they jump with both feet into the entrepreneurial pool.

Today you’ll hear plenty of passion from these three guys as they discuss curation over creation, why being a consumer can make you a great producer, and how to spot a business disruption from a mile away.  If Mike’s wisdom gets you thinking outside the box, be sure to check out our recent episodes with Josh Bartlett and Aaron Fletcher to keep you moving towards your own corner of the “be your own boss” universe.

It’s human evolution. You’re not meant to spend 80 hours a week under fluorescent lights in a cubicle…Money gives you options.”  – Mike Matuz

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What kind of bromance brews in the water at an  Aaron Fletcher mastermind?
  • How ADD is an asset for an entrepreneur
  • When is the best time to fail forward?
  • Four steps to help you determine  if you want in on a business venture
  • Do we smell a SAAS in Evergreen Profits future?
  • Where’s the arbitrage and why you should care…
  • Why geographic  locations are tuned into the  entrepreneurial effect
  • Self-liquidating degree? Hmmmm…
  • Everything intersects at these two “M’s”
  • Why business disruption is about curating not creating
  • Details you should be granular about
  • This is the monumental hurdle to a disruption taking hold
  • The most antiquated business model in the history of the world,  according to Matt and Joe
  • How to make a great player into an MVP
  • Is the funnel the thing?
  • Spin it to win it…It’s not all about the rich getting richer for business models anymore
  • One of the two things you must simplify to cause business disruption

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