Drunken Podcast With Aaron Fletcher: Building Profitable Memberships

We recently sat down with Aaron Fletcher on the podcast to chat about building membership sites. When we recorded this interview, we decided to bring along our video camera and record footage of the interview. If you want to listen to the original (audio only) podcast, you can find it here.

We don’t normally create videos like this with our podcasts but, since we had a really good time with this one and drank some beers, we thought it may be entertaining for some.

Before heading to Aaron’s office, Joe and I went to lunch with Aaron and Paul Clifford. During lunch we each had a couple of beers before walking back to Aaron’s office and grabbing a couple more beers…

The interesting thing about having a few drinks with your podcast guest is that you can pretty much get them to tell you anything about their business. Aaron was an open book and we squeeze a ton of gold nugget tips out of him.

You’ll learn how Aaron build and consistently grows his massive monthly membership site.

We were so impressed by Aaron’s membership and his business model that we’ve basically decided to stop selling our own info-products. Aaron’s is so good that we decided to just start recommending people check out his instead. (Seriously)

His membership is filled with frameworks for everything!

Want to build a webinar? Follow Aaron’s framework.

Want to create a lead magnet? Follow Aaron’s framework.

Don’t know what to sell? Follow Aaron’s framework.

Seriously, he’s created a framework for everything in there.

We were blown away…

We can’t recommend it high enough.

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