Marley Jaxx – A Blueprint To Create Your First Online Challenge

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Marley Jaxx is on the show today, and she is a content-marketing, storytelling, YouTube, and branding expert ninja. You’ll hear all about her paid challenges she holds where she’s walking people through these bite-sized chunks of content that leads them to a graduation event, which turns into a high ticket paid offer. If you are curious as to how the challenge model works, she breaks it all down here and you can see how a product can be sold at a low ticket price, but then how that turns into a high ticket offer. 

We also chat about what she uses for her frameworks in her storytelling, how she uses proprietary ideas to build her following and keep people tuned in to the end, even creating super fans that sign up for the challenge again and again. There are a lot of strategies packed into this one, and after you’ve listened, check out our previous shows with Pat Flynn and Gideon Shalwick for more insights on how to build super fans and using video for your content.

You have to bring your audience on the journey, even when it’s hard. When you hit rock bottom, that’s when they need to see you the most because when you are on your up they are going to be cheering you on and say ‘I got to witness that and be a part of that’, and that’s going to create your relationship which is going to lead to your sales.” – Marley Jaxx

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why you need to “Stop The Pop!”
  • How to set up your proprietary mechanism in your challenge
  • How to space out your content into bite-sized chunks and save the best for the last
  • Knowing your value ladder before you even start
  • Who is Elsa and why we are talking so much about her?
  • More insights into the Clubhouse app!
  • How to get people to stick with your challenge to the end
  • Creating raving fans
  • Positioning your hook, story, and offer
  • The perfect challenge length

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