Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe – Here’s What We’d Tell Ourselves 15-Years Ago

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In this episode, we want to talk about the direction of our show and how we wish we could chat with the entrepreneur that was us 15 years ago. We find that there’s a lot missing when we don’t have that perspective in mind, and maybe that’s you or you have a business and you want to go back to basics. We are talking about the handful of things that our younger selves would really appreciate hearing, such as our ideas on delegation, building our list, setting up systems, and how we put content out into the world.

The overall theme is we want to identify different strategies that can help our younger selves get past some hurdles and roadblocks even quicker. Another segment of today’s episode revolves around how we’ve been sending out emails, asking how we can help you and what are you struggling with in your business now. So if you have emailed us, listen up as we answer a few of the questions that we have received. When you’re done, go check out our conversations with Scott Carson and Stephen Esketzis for more ideas on how to set up systems and your content strategy to reach your audience more efficiently.

Speaking to our younger selves is creating a content machine that allows you to not only grow your brand by putting things out to the world and be able to share it but connecting with highly connected and successful people. You can engineer that yourself by creating your own platform.” – Joe Fier

I’ve stopped thinking about being happy when and just enjoying what we are doing right now. I’ve shifted my thinking into ‘Let’s just make every day fun, and figure out how to make money off of that fun-ness that we’re having.’” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Before we knew what we were doing, drinking Corona and hanging out in the driveway
  • The mindset shifts which we both have had in the business, and have led us to have more time on our hands
  • Our platform way of thinking to connect with people and bring your message out to the world
  • How to become a merchant of attention so people can buy attention from you
  • The magic of leveraging a platform to build your own platform
  • The Catch-22 of being concerned about sending too many emails to your list
  • Wise words from the founder of Netflix
  • How our content strategy has allowed us to connect with not only our audience but a slew of amazing entrepreneurs
  • How we structure our free and paid content and why you should give away most of your information for free
  • We are also answering your questions on today’s show. If you are struggling with anything, post your question in the Facebook group, and we will let you know our thoughts on a future episode

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