Scott Carson: How A Master Digital Marketer Uses His Skills To Crush It In Real Estate

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After the recession, Scott Carson sold everything he owned except his truck and his dog. He set off on a 27-week road trip to figure out what to do next. As he drove, he got invitations to speak about the marketing he had been doing on Facebook. So kept driving and speaking and that road trip lasted over 3 years.

Now Scott (aka “the Note Guy) has helped thousands of other real estate investors come to the sexy side of investing by plunging into the world of non-performing notes and looking to “rehab the borrower”. He is also a highly sought after speaker on distressed debt and has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal.

Listen in as Scott shares with guys his systems to make tons of content from a single video, automated email campaigns that run for years, and the best ways to invest in real estate. When you’re done, go check out our conversation with Cory Boatright for more about real estate investing and more PR advice from Andrew O’Brien.

We do something big four or five times a month… They don’t always work. But the only thing you can guarantee by not doing it is failure, right?” -Scott Carson

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The Marketing Octagon
  • Get real estate at a discount with notes (what’s a note again?)
  • 10 exits that make money from a property
  • How to make 20% cash flow across all your properties
  • The mindset that can raise capital from anybody
  • An automated email campaign that lasts 12 months
  • The Theory of Unfinished Bridges
  • A process to turn 1 video into tons of content
  • Why realtors might be out of a job soon
  • What all top media channels have in common
  • How to pitch yourself to other podcasters
  • Advice for finding the best niche to invest in

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