Jay Abraham – Be The Victor, Not The Victim – Revisited

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Welcome to this special episode of our podcast, featuring the legendary Jay Abraham – often dubbed as the $21.7 billion man and the highest paid marketing consultant.

Today, we’re revisiting an insightful episode from April 2020, a time of global uncertainty and panic due to the emergence of the pandemic. With shutdowns and business restrictions starting worldwide, we all felt lost and overwhelmed.

I took the liberty to revamp this episode, removing outdated parts and enhancing the content to match our current reality. As I re-listened, I found myself fervently taking notes, impressed by Jay’s expertise in strategic and nonlinear thinking, alliances, partnerships, and his aptitude to identify opportunities amidst adversity.

The second notable highlight I wanted to share is Jay’s recent collaboration with the renowned Roland Frasier, a podcast favorite, seasoned investor, and business strategist boasting over 1000 acquisitions. Together, they’ve penned ‘Business Wealth Without Risk’, with the foreword by none other than Tony Robbins.

Very timely (like in 2020), they have a free live event on September 23rd called “Business Wealth Without Risk”. If you’re quick, you might grab a spot, but if not, you’ll definitely want first dibs on their book.

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Prepare for an episode packed with unconventional wisdom. Equip yourself with strategies to navigate the present unpredictable business landscape, from emerging technologies to the uncertain economy.

Dive in, enjoy, and join the conversation!

If you have not just critical thinking, but consequential thinking and you understand probability and outcomes, then it’s not as daunting as you think. There’s only a finite number of scenarios that will probably happen” – Jay Abraham

And make sure to check out the other episode with Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren, as well as the latest episode with Roland Fraiser.

Understanding Arbitrage:

Jay Abraham begins by explaining the concept of arbitrage and its various interpretations in business. He advises focusing on a category that aligns with your knowledge base and familiarity to find opportunities for success.

Fractionalization and Virtual Staffing:

Abraham predicts a trend towards fractionalization and virtual staffing in businesses, emphasizing the need for traditional brick and mortar companies to adapt and offer virtual services to stay competitive.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships:

Jay stresses the importance of strategic alliances and partnerships for business growth. He discusses the potential for starting a business that facilitates these partnerships for a fee and a share of the deal.

Marketing Strategies:

Abraham shares three practical ways to market a product or service. These include offering to do digital marketing for companies in exchange for a permanent profit, mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses, and exploiting market disconnects to expand your market quickly and easily.

Navigating Economic Adversity:

Abraham draws on his experience in navigating economic adversity and advises taking action and capitalizing on different scenarios. He highlights the importance of referral generation, strategic alliances, and being an advocate for customers.

The Aikido School of Marketing:

Jay discusses a marketing strategy called the Aikido school of marketing, which involves leveraging the power of your competition. He emphasizes understanding the motivations of the other party in a deal and starting with smaller companies before approaching larger ones.

Adding Value and Preserving Cash:

Abraham emphasizes the importance of adding value to customers and helping them preserve or expand their cash or positioning. He suggests structuring deals with deferred payment options and catering to a wider range of potential customers.

Being a Trusted Advisor:

Jay highlights the role of being a trusted advisor in building successful business relationships. He encourages being a contributor rather than just a taker and targeting quality individuals or companies for long-term success.

Taking Action and Moving Forward:

Abraham urges listeners to take action, try different strategies, and adapt to the changing market. He underscores the need to be forward-thinking and progress-oriented, positioning themselves as the most trusted source in their industry.

Closing Thoughts

In this episode, Jay Abraham shares valuable insights on navigating uncertain times and creating opportunities for success. From understanding the concept of arbitrage to embracing strategic alliances, marketing strategies, and becoming a trusted advisor, Abraham provides actionable advice for listeners. To fully grasp the wealth of knowledge offered by Abraham, listen to the full episode. Be the victor, not the victim, and apply his strategies to elevate your business to new heights.

Business Wealth Without Risk

Join Jay Abraham and Roland Frasier LIVE on September 23rd for a special event around their new book, Business Wealth Without Risk. It’s your chance to learn and interact these two business strategists where they share insider strategies and secrets used by the top 1% of business owners to achieve rapid growth without taking big risks.

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