Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren – The Masters of Passive Income

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Today’s show is going to be an epic master class with two of the most brilliant minds we know, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren. Jay and Rich go way back, having known each other for close to twenty years. They discuss the most valuable information that any business owner can take and actually use in today’s economy.

Both Rich and Jay give their insights around a host of opportunities in today’s world to help people and businesses leverage their existing assets in such a way that will benefit them and you as the deal maker. There are also some great examples of folks who knew where to look and find opportunities that others were missing and created arbitrage situations that led to passive income for years to come. We know your mind will be reeling with possibilities after listening!

This is the time where there is so much opportunity, and the reason is there is so much opportunity is because during times of tremendous uncertainty as well as some form of recession, what happens is there are many businesses who are a lot less active than before, and that leaves a lot of their assets dormant…which makes them a lot more receptive to other ideas and possibilities. ” – Rich Schefren

“Right now there are 5 or 6 windows of screaming opportunities that are starting to close..first one if there will never be a time in the history of entrepreneurship where more business owners and professionals are open to doing deals, collaborating, joint venturing, profit partnering, letting you sell things to their audience….that’s one thing. ” – Jay Abraham

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to think like Tom Sawyer
  • How to see and seize opportunities to be the toll booth/money taker
  • Putting the pareto principle and venn diagrams into play
  • Examples of ways to help businesses right now which will benefit you for years to come (even if you do not have any capital to start with)
  • The real reason Jay stopped selling his courses
  • Examples of prosperity pathways and how to identify where opportunities exist
  • And much, much more!

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