Rich Schefren – Big Tech Will Crush Your Online Business (What To Do About It)

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Today’s show was a fun one to record, as we actually met with Rich Schefren in person, who was one of the first online marketers that we learned a lot from early on in our career. When we were starting out we picked up his free ebook, which has gone out to millions of folks by now.

It was an honor to meet up with Rich and prior to this, we’ve had a lot of calls with him, as we are helping him currently with all sorts of podcasting insights. Listen in to hear about Rich’s upcoming new show, The “Secrets of Being Rich”. Also, in this interview, you’ll notice how he’s a master researcher, and learn about his in-depth processes for speed reading and digesting content to see patterns and trends for the future. You’ll also hear more about his upcoming event, the Coalition to Save Internet Businesses (which we will also be speakers at) and why everyone should attend. 

There are changes afoot, so Rich lines out his expertise and future trends of how to make sure you will not get screwed by some of these trends that may blindside you. You are definitely not going to want to miss this live stream of this episode as well if you are concerned about the future of your business. After you listen, be sure to check out our shows with Ryan Deiss and Matthew Woodward for more about future trends in the digital marketing world.

Very early on I realized it was better to be different, than just better. That’s always been consistent with all the stuff that I do.” – Rich Schefren

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to have the power of your own closed-loop system
  • Why you actually do want to give all of your good stuff!
  • Rich’s upcoming live-stream event with some of the most brilliant minds in online marketing (including us!) and why you need to join in
  • The commonalities between online and offline marketing
  • How one little report changed Rich’s life in a big way
  • The fundamental to operate your business going forward
  • The importance of making affiliate connections
  • Why today is the easiest it’s ever going to get to market on the big sites
  • Why you should wear the same colored shirt to rid yourself of decision fatigue
  • And much, much more!

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