A Joint Venture Strategy that Gets People’s Attention – Bob Serling

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Bob Serling is the founder of Profit Alchemy. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs increase their profits with no cost and no risk. While he loves to help his marketing clients get far better results by marketing less, his real passion is product development.

Bob has been fortunate to have developed a skateboard toy featuring Tony Hawk and 6 other skatebaord brands, the most highly used testing and assessment software in the online training industry, insurance products, household goods, licensed marketing campaigns and more.

Today, we are going to discuss his stories and philosophies on business. Bob will tell us his strategies to get more Joint Ventures – getting paid to build relationship and to promote your products.

“The key thing is to build a relationship by providing value and getting to know the people a little bit so you’d get a better shot of Joint Venture.” – Bob Serling

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Bob got started in business
  • The work with legendary skater, Tony Hawk, and how that partnership happened
  • An explanation of the “Known Method”
  • The reasons that most joint ventures completely flop
  • How the “Flip Joint Venture” solves the common JV roadblocks
  • The awesome benefits of creating successful joint ventures
  • How much time to put into building a great relationship
  • How to create a higher level of customer loyalty
  • How to “buy your way in”
  • The process behind building successful joint ventures
  • Why a good bond is so important and how to create one
  • Some of the mistakes to be aware of with joint ventures
  • How Bob wrote for Success magazine and was featured in other major publications
  • Plus so much more!

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