Jackson Millan – How To Take A 12-Month Vacation While Running A Business

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Today’s episode with Jackson Millan is a great look into how to set up a business so you can do more of what’s fun and important. We all have this pull-back effect and let our minds wander when we are away from home. We need to figure out how to be the operators of the business. One of the things that stood out for us was that we loved Jackon’s process with marketing, sales, delivery, and growth. 

Marketing is only one piece of the puzzle of a successful business. We’ve figured out how to systemize marketing, but we still feel like we are stuck in the delivery elements of it. Jackson specializes in wealth creation for business owners. You’ll hear how he creates wealth for his clients and his F4 framework to get you there. You’ll also hear how he prepared to take his year-long trip traveling to places where others couldn’t go, the importance of outsourcing, and how to look at your long term game plan to achieve what you really want. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our conversations with David Jenyns, the master of systemizing, and Moe Abbas to help you find the right folks so you can scale your business and focus on your genius.   

We all have the ability to create a business that allows us the financial means to support whatever it is that we want.” – Jackson Millan

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to take your business from relying on you as the expert technician to one where your team handles it the same, if not better
  • Dealing with the death of the ego
  • More discussion about brussel sprouts!
  • The F4 Framework to create your dream life
  • The important questions to ask before you can consider stepping away
  • Allowing things to break to determine the weaknesses in your business
  • Simplifying your systems so that you can outsource your workflow
  • Enjoying the journey and making your business fun
  • Jackson’s set up to travel off the beaten path
  • How to live for today, and plan for tomorrow
  • Creating wealth and working smarter, not harder

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