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Today we are chatting with David Jenyns from Systemology who not only has an awesome voice but is a lot of fun to talk to. We dive into David’s history and how he was able to take an idea from a well-known book and have a unique success story with his own similar venture. We also chat all about his methods of systemizing his own businesses over the years, the benefits of bringing systems into a business, how to approach it with a simple checklist if you are just starting out, and how to hire someone to assist you in the process, if need be.

David also gives us a great backstory of how he got the opportunity to work with a famous author, which in turn led to a boatload of other opportunities, all of which would never have happened if he did not have his own working systems in place. If the thought of becoming more efficient so you can get more time back is appealing, check out our shows where we chatted with Aaron Fletcher and Christine McDannell for more insight on systemizing your business.

All the business owners do think that systems are important, it’s just never urgent. The biggest question I always get is ‘Yes, but where do I start? Where’s the system to systemizing my business? What’s the first 10-15 types of systems that I start with?’ It’s those types of questions that I want to address” – David Jenyns

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to define the “Critical Client Flow” for your business
  • A thought process for building systems if you are considering an exit strategy
  • Why sometimes it’s okay to let others in your organization set the tone
  • What happened when David sold Australia’s most loved sporting ground
  • David’s unique twist on podcasting
  • The absolute worst person for creating systems in your business 
  • How to discover your team’s yin to your yang
  • And much, much more!

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with David:


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