The Brick & Mortar Systems Rockstar – Christine McDannell

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Today’s guest is an excellent marketer who has established her seventh company in the last 13 years. Christine McDannell runs a brick-and-mortar eco spa called Eco Chateau, which she started 4 ½ years ago. At present, this wellness spa is in two San Diego locations – Mission Valley and Sorrento Valley. Their services include organic facial, massage, infrared saunas, and juice cleanses. It is the one-stop shop for people wanting to pursue health and wellness.

On today’s episode, Christine talks about how she established the system she uses to be efficient in her work, as inspired and encouraged by Henry Evans. She shares some great online tools that help her and her team keep things organized, updated, and automated, the reason why she put up a spa business, and how being a marketer played a big part in the success of her business ventures.

If you’re a good marketer, you can own any kind of business you want.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The system that helps Christine track her time and output
  • How Christine makes her to-do list and how she turned it into a habit in 21 days
  • Tools to work more efficient
  • Organization tips and how to reverse engineer your goals to identify how they contribute to your achievements
  • Knowing when to turn down the marketing side of the business
  • Proven effective marketing and advertising strategies

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