George Bryant – This Email Strategy Gets An 87% Open Rate

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Today’s show is an episode for the fans, as George Bryant’s previous episode was a fan favorite, so we are bringing him back for round two. George looks at the customer journey like the body and email is the blood and uses the concept of ethical leadership from his military career to get people to figure out how to create a container where the only option is success. He gives his in-depth strategy that has led to an insanely high open rate, high customer retention, and a list that is actually excited to hear from him on a daily basis. 

We also talk about monetizing your list, how to get people to open that very first email you send, and the proper way to send broadcast emails. And if George’s advice resonated with you, be sure to check out podcast strategies from Rob & Kennedy, plus be sure to listen to refresh your memory with our previous show with George.

When we think about email, the first thing to remember is most people think the purpose of email is to sell. On my list, that’s number six.” – George Bryant

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to create a magical experience for your customer’s journey
  • Why parenting a 4-year-old is like writing an email sequence
  • The customer journey email sequence that George has never spoken about before
  • Getting them from opt-in to opening that first email
  • How to change your default from going to logic and showing them what to do next
  • The one thing we changed in our own email tactics lately which has made a huge difference
  • Duration vs. direction: which are you going to use?
  • When to send your broadcast emails and why the amount of those should be way, way less than you think
  • How George took a client from near bankruptcy to a complete turnaround
  • How to stop thinking from the quick sale standpoint and get people into the customer journey you design for them
  • Three Words: Email. Is. Easy

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