Rob & Kennedy – Email Marketing Tactics From A Mind Reader And A Hypnotist

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What’s more fun than learning how to write emails from a mind reader and a hypnotist? We already know the answer, as today’s guests, Rob & Kennedy, already showed us how to read your minds. Seriously, you are really going to love today’s show as we chat about how they have built up their email list, segment people so their audience is receiving the right content geared specifically to them, and how they use psychological strategies to build on people’s beliefs.

We also talk about their tactics used in such ways as “The Interrogator” campaign and “The Dreaded Dentist” phenomenon, how to stand out in emails with easy tweaks, and how simple changes will lead to better engagement and sales. When you’re done listening, check out some more email strategies from Sue Rice and Tom Kulzer.

The scary thing about being a hypnotist or mind reader is that intrusive nature, but this is the opposite. It’s all about what are you happy to volunteer and how we are going to give you the stuff that helps you overcome your biggest challenge.” – Kennedy

Lots of people think that email marketing doesn’t work anymore and it’s all about social media, messenger bots, and the next thing that is going to kill email marketing and the truth is for all businesses, email is still the number one converter of sales.” – Rob

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The Train Carriage framework for bringing your email list along for a ride to check out all you have to offer
  • How to figure out what to write out in your emails
  • Brainstorming together over a few beers leading up to a new software platform
  • How to stop compartmentalizing your skills 
  • Building a technology that understands people’s thought patterns
  • Kennedy tells of a super boring thing that occurred to Rob which turned into an email
  • Why it doesn’t matter as much as what your open rate is, and the one number that does matter
  • What do sausages have to do with your marketing message? 
  • You will never write out your bullet points the same again, after hearing this tip (see, we even did it here – listen in to find out what it was!)

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