George Bryant – How To Create Raving Fans That Buy For Life

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George Bryant joins us today for a long awaited show in which we talked about how to build better relationships with your customers and lists, and how to make the people in your ecosystem love you and be excited to hear from you, which in turn will bring you profitable results. George has worked with and co-owned so many big brands such as Adidas and Onit, has been a New York Times best selling author, and is basically someone who is getting it all done and after listening to this episode you’ll understand why.

George covers a lot of ground in this show, and there’s a boatload of information you will be happy you took in.  If this episode has you itching for more information about customer acquisition and the balance between health, happiness and making an impact on the world, be sure to check out what Josh Bartlett adds to the discussion as well as the show we mentioned with Aaron Fletcher.

The best protective business mechanism that you’ll ever have is giving everything away for free because nobody buys the information, they buy access and accountability based on the best relationship.” – George Bryant

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How George is very intentional with consuming only 30 minutes of content a week
  • The four steps of the customer journey
  • Why you are retargeting all wrong
  • How to think like Apple and Nike
  • Why getting noticed on Tik Tok is not as hard as you think
  • The approach that got a 61% recovery of cart abandonment 
  • The new paradigm of marketing, post-COVID and how you need to pivot for the long term
  • The entrepreneurial shift from consumption to creating
  • And much, much more!

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