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This is the last recording that we recorded in Matt’s office – woo-hoo! We really loved our conversation with today’s guest – Dale Beaumont of BusinessBlueprint.com. The way he creates his systems is so smart, and if you did not see the video version of it, he showed us that he has a flowchart for literally everything he does in his business. His systems include things like how to change the lightbulbs and how to make coffee in the coffee maker as well as more in-depth tasks such as how to set up an email campaign and how to create an asset register. You can see that video on our YouTube channel at HustleAndFlowchart.tv

There was also a boatload of mindset stuff, as Dale talked about how we create excuses that hold us back and reminded us that there are so many tasks we do ourselves that are super easy which we know we can hand off to someone else. It’s not about the time, it’s about the mental space and the opportunity cost. Dale also showed us how to document things with apps such as Loom or Otter and how, basically you can run an entire coordinated event, assigning due dates, and linking to all of your SOP’s. We also talk about how he was able to publish 11 different books in one year and how he set up his systems which allow him to travel with his family 4 months out of the year. After you have listened, check out our chats with Michael Gerber, another systems marketer, and Crystal Dwyer Hansen & Mark Victor Hansen who were instrumental in Dale’s success with book publishing.

The reason being is because I had great systems. When you’ve got good systems and people, and you’ve got a good product, then you can really scale.” – Dale Beaumont

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Dale is able to spend two months at home, then travel for one month, including his wife and two kids
  • Being able to publish eleven books in one year
  • Smart advice to move forward from one of the most successful book authors
  • This one question to ask yourself to determine if you need a system or not
  • Setting up your own mission control for all of your team’s tasks
  • The three core components you need when systemizing your business
  • Getting over the limiting thoughts so you can hand more stuff off to save you hours and hours of time
  • Making business decision using simple math

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