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We are back again today with another legend, Michael Gerber, author of the book The E-Myth, the same book that started Matt down his entrepreneurial journey. Michael does not go on a lot of podcasts, so we are pretty honored to have him on this show. Michael is a systems guy and on today’s show, you will hear how he first started in business, what his realizations were when it came to systemizing a business, the building blocks behind any successful company, how to grow from a team of one to one thousand, and how one simple conversation led to a long term of path helping hundreds of thousands of small business owners to successfully transform their businesses into world-class operations.

We also chat about his latest endeavor, Radical U which is a step by step process that comprises his work of over forty years. When you’re done listening, get some more insight into creating systems and business strategies from David Jenyns and AJ Roberts.

Ace asked me if I’d come visit one of his clients with him….I said ‘I don’t know anything about business, what am I going to tell Bob’ and he said ‘Michael you know more than you think you do, let’s see what happens’ Understand that ‘Let’s see what happens’ is an understandable magical expression. Because effectively my entire life has been built around ‘Let’s see what happens’. ” – Michael Gerber

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The gold standard for turnkey operations 
  • Lessons learned from Ray Kroc and McDonald’s
  • What keeps Michael going as a teacher after all these years
  • How to train like a Navy Seal and what that has to do with your business
  • Why the pandemic is not to blame for your failure
  • The one most important thing he mastered over the years
  • The five essential skills from The E-Myth

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