Avi Arya – How To Build Influence With Micro-Videos

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We rarely bring on guests that do a cold reach out to us, but Avi Arya is one of the rare guests who made it onto the show that way, and he did this by using the same video technique that he shared on this show to contact us. He is the first video outreach we ever brought on, and his video really stood out, over the approximate 30 requests we get on a daily basis. Avi covers a variety of video formats, and he managed to build a $126,500 who have been on his program which starts at his $1 webinar. He’s also got a huge following on Instagram and gives a ton of free value on there and Facebook. What intrigued us, is this is something we’ve been doing and we’ve never had a methodical process. 

Avi also gave us so many additional ideas to use this style of video, and you could start with the videos we outline then go deeper on so many other videos with his catalog. Plus, you can start all of this using just your phone. The video is personally customized and it’s simple outreach that sends you to his YouTube channel. It doesn’t take a long time to create, and the reason he does this is that he wants to be with his family more. If you are not using video and leveraging these tools, this is like magic, and you need to harness it now to connect with people. After you have listened, be sure to listen to our chats with Shaina Weisinger and Gideon Shalwick as they dive into the keys to keep people watching your videos and the best tips for the highest engagement.

I think you have to put your foot down and say ‘I’ll give you stellar service, but I do it only on video.’ You have to tell people this is how I do my business.” – Avi Arya

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How the video factor wows your potential customers
  • Examples of exactly what to say in your video
  • Getting buyers for 90 cents a lead and a $1 trial offer
  • How the pandemic has changed the way entrepreneurs spend their time
  • Avi’s 4-minute video formula for outreach
  • A winning strategy to use with Quora ads
  • An overview of the 33 videos in the program, including all the social media platforms
  • What you are probably not taking advantage of with your Instagram profile but definitely should be using
  • The superpower of the 21st century and how you can leverage it to gain an audience
  • How often you should be making videos and the perfect length, depending on your goals

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Resources From Avi Arya:

  • You can see Avi’s offers on his Instagram: AskAviArya

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Enjoy the video version of our interview with Avi Arya:


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