Why Entrepreneurs Struggle with Happiness with Joe Fier

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In this solo episode, Joe delves into the fascinating factors that determine happiness. From the influence of genetics and external circumstances to the power of our daily choices, he explores how we can unleash our true potential and find genuine joy. 

Listen as Joe shares thought-provoking insights on the correlation between self-employment and happiness, shedding light on the importance of aligning our work with our values for a more fulfilling life. 

Joe reveals a personal awakening that came from consciously slowing down with daily micro habits. He narrates his own experience of recognizing the negative impact not having these habits in his life had on his overall well-being, and the subsequent desire to break free from a version of himself that no longer resonated. 

Joe emphasizes the significance of turning daily habits into non-negotiable investments in oneself, shifting our perspective from mundane chores to empowering rituals. Drawing on the powerful 80/20 rule, he invites listeners to discover the activities that take up less than 20% of their day but bring about immense joy and fulfillment, leaving them inspired to embrace positive change. 

To further guide him, Joe shares a profound quote from BJ Fogg, introducing the audience to the concept of the tiny habit method, which encompasses motivation, ability, and prompt as key components for lasting transformation.

 Tune in to this episode and start building your happiness habits!

Some topics discussed in this episode:

  • Determining Happiness: Unleashing the Power Within Your Choices
  • Self-employed vs. Full-time Employees: Finding True Fulfillment in Your Work
  • Striving for Happiness: Embracing the Journey of Self-Improvement
  • Transforming from Within: Embracing a Life of Authenticity and Growth
  • Investing in Yourself: Turning Daily Habits into Empowering Rituals
  • The 80/20 Rule: Unlocking the Key to Maximum Happiness with Minimal Effort
  • The Tiny Habit Method: Motivation, Ability, and Prompt – Your Path to Lasting Change

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