BJ Fogg – How To Build Tiny Habits That Stick

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BJ Fogg, PhD, author of Tiny Habits and is on the show today! We have been immersed lately in understanding changes and our own habits, which have led to some self-sabotage at times. BJ talks about the concept of breaking the chain and how it can be detrimental to your progress. If your habit is too big, it can be hard to build up the momentum to continue. Plus, celebrating micro wins can be a huge motivator and they can come with every action that you do.

BJ talked about his mission in spreading that ripple effect that will pass on to others, similar to how we love having fun while recording. He also gave us some real-life examples of creating tiny habits that stuck, such as how he was able to shed weight easily and how he starts his day in the right way to set his mind up for success. Still want more? Go check out our previous conversations with Anthony Trucks and Erin Pheil for more tricks to get you unstuck with some simple questions and quick tactics.

The best system whether it’s weight loss, sleeping better, or being more productive, is matching yourself with behaviors that will take you to that outcome, and these behaviors should be ones that you already want to do.” – BJ Fogg, PhD

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How one way of raising kids helps them to foster a sense of accomplishment and be goal orientated
  • How emotions create the habits
  • Breaking down the Fogg Behavior Model
  • The Maui Habit and celebrating life
  • BJ’s easy method for weight loss
  • Stopping the derailment of habits when your environment changes
  • The simple act of celebrating even the smallest of actions
  • Breaking the habit myths (hint: repetition does not create a habit)

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Resources From BJ Fogg:

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Humor, Seriously by Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas
  • The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy
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  • How To Get Your Shift Together – Anthony Trucks
  • How To Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Life – Erin Pheil

Enjoy the video version of our interview with BJ Fogg:


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